The Water Man Cometh…

With water rates beginning to rocket skywards, decided it might be a good idea to get a water meter fitted.
Relevant application being made, I’m informed that a guy from Anglian Water will be turning up to survey the premises to determine what work needs to be done.
The appointment’s fixed for Tuesday… sometime between eight in the morning and one in the afternoon. Typically precise timing of course!
Hmm… that’s a fair lump of my day eaten into, particularly if he doesn’t arrive until the far end of that window. Dammit.

Well, ok, I can use the time in the morning to (perhaps!) do some much-needed housework… wonder if I can remember how the vacuum cleaner works? And where the hell did I put the mop-bucket?

But what about the afternoon?

Well, a while ago I had a photo session out at Wilstead Wood (see this post), during which I met a guy who told me about another access thereto, going under the name of “Dragons Wood”. Sounded right up my street so promised myself I’d try to seek it out one day.

Well, here’s the opportunity!

However (isn’t there always a “however”?), weather doesn’t look too promising.
Quite sunny for most of the time, but there’s some fairly nasty-looking heavy clouds rolling around the sky promising rain at any moment.

But, thinks I, if the trek to the Wood doesn’t quite work out at least I can make my way to Wilstead village and maybe grab a few pics there before getting soaked. So the entire day won’t be completely wasted (photo-wise, that is. And after all, could anything else be equally as absorbing?).


Matey turns up about eleven… and is gone again within 15 minutes or so (really friendly sort of chap he was too. Incredibly helpful!).
And promptly thereafter (well, promptly after a cup or three of coffee, in my usual “making haste slowly” mode) I scurry out toward the planned location.

Fortune smiled upon me for although there were one or two moments when a downpour seemed imminent the rain in fact held off, and I managed to get to both the village and the woods. Result!

Dunno quite how far I travelled but I was out for about five hours… and walking most of the time. Bloody knackered I was, and in dire need of refreshment when I got back!

The first batch of shots, of Wilstead village, are now in a new set here.

_G105133 _G105377

Batch #2 – Wilstead Wood


If you like green, and like trees, and don’t mind a few experiments with light and shade, these are for you. Otherwise, forget it!

Well, I’d trekked all the way to the far end of Wilstead village in search of the access to this mysterious “Dragons Wood”. Dunno if I found it or not, but the pathway I did discover certainly seemed to match the description.
So along it I trot, firing off shots at whatever caught my fancy until, rather sooner than I’d anticipated, found myself back on the main drag through Wilstead Wood proper.
As there are many pathways through this rather lovely location, I chose one I hadn’t explored during my earlier visit.

Now here’s the odd thing… despite wandering off the beaten track a few times I seldom seemed (unlike almost all my escapades in virtually any urban environment) to get lost. Something to do, maybe, with my real liking for woodlands and forests.

And in between periods of absolutely brilliant sunshine the sky continued to threaten a huge downpour, so the light seemed to be constantly changing. Thus I ended up with quite a collection of “shade & light pics” (with a few “cloud” ones thrown in for good measure) with which I think I’m moderately pleased, and which have now been added to the existing Wilstead Wood set.

_G105350 _G105305

_G105292 _G105279 _G105183

Thus, contrary to expectations, it was a day not entirely wasted. In fact, the day had a hidden bonus…

At the end of my jaunt, putting my cameras away, started rummaging through my pockets for the lens caps and, lo and behold, found the one I thought I’d lost at Cambridge!
That’s the problem with having so many pockets of course. Damn. Means I bought a replacement lens cap quite unnecessarily.

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4 Responses to The Water Man Cometh…

  1. forkboy says:

    Without even looking I recalled the posting to which you refer. It sounds like you had a really great day and I’m looking quite forward to going through the images. I took a quick peek and you certainly were busy! I’ll have to set aside a few hours to get through them all!

  2. fotdmike says:

    Heh heh. Tam’s already stumbled across them and splashed a few very nice comments around… which pleased me enormously cos when I took a sort of overview of the lot in their entirety I thought “Bloody hell, they’re a bit green!” as in maybe I went a tad over the top (with the Wood ones, anyway).

    And processing them was fun. Started in on them virtually as soon as I got back home, but was so worn out that I had to take three or four breaks for “power naps” (Darren’ll know exactly what I mean!) and consequently it actually took me practically all night before I got through them all.

    But, on balance, it was a great session and I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

  3. forkboy says:

    And that is what it’s all about; enjoying one’s self. You know….no….never mind. I’m going to say it on my WP blog so you’ll just have to read it there.

    And yeah… initial quick impression was “Damn there’s a lot of green in those thumbnails!”

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