Nearly… but not quite


The theme for this little set was suggested to me by a comment left on one of my pics by a Flickr contact.
Basically it entailed little more than strolling down the High Street of my nearest town. Ok, I did set myself a few rules to follow, but nothing too arduous. Dead easy.

Not so!

The full tale is recounted in all its sorry detail in this post. Be it sufficient to say here that I’ve come so close to simply scrubbing all the pics from that session so many times its really quite amazing they’ve managed to survive.
But this evening, having done all my self-imposed chores (move the dust from one place to another, look at the washing-up and decide it can wait, check the bin bag and calculate I can squeeze another coupla cans in there… phew, I’m getting worn out!) and completed various essential computer-related tasks (bit of filing, check email, surf a few of my favourite sites, check email again, start getting bored), I found myself with a coupla hours or so to spare.

Hmm. Twiddle thumbs. Hmm. Scratch head. Hmm. Make a mug of coffee (or three).

Then I recollect that bunch of absolutely disastrous pics still lurking around somewhere. “I wonder if its possible to salvage just a couple from the fiasco” thinks I. Mull the possibility over a bit more whilst I have another mug or three of coffee, and decide its probably worth giving them a final once-over before binning them for good.
Well, returning for a fresh look at them after this length of time it seems to me that, ok, maybe they’re not brilliant… but neither are they totally unacceptable (some of them, anyway).

So really this little set (a total of 17 pics) represents the results of the rescue attempt.

_MG_5009 _MG_5004

_MG_5012 _G103853 _MG_5002

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Occasional photographer; occasional writer/blogger; occasional activist; occasional computer-geek. Bit of a fool really.
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6 Responses to Nearly… but not quite

  1. tam says:

    I think they are very good. I am glad you didn’t scrap them. My fave photo is one of the pouch. The celtic knot is beautiful.

  2. fotdmike says:

    It was one of your comments that suggested the theme in fact! That one where you mentioned about taking a walk along the road… I thought to myself “Hey, that’d make a good theme!”
    The sort of thing I had in mind was simply to walk from one end to the other (all of seven minutes or so) snapping things one’d be likely to spot, with just a couple of simple rules: no looking backwards, and no departing from the High Street, and a 50/50 mix (or thereabouts) of detail and wide-angle shots. I’d then thought it’d be quite neat to add descriptive remarks, like “Here we are at the top of the High Street where it intersects…” etc. Sort of a “guided tour” type thing.

    But it didn’t work out 😦

    Still ended up scrapping most of them.

    Btw, the pouch one was not actually part of the set. Just one of a handful of odds and ends that happened to be on the same memory card 😉

  3. tam says:

    Wow! That is cool. I did notice a link to my flickr acct in your post. I think it’s awesome. Thank you. I do love seeing photos from your town/village.

    I am sad that you ended up scrapping most of them, but I understand. I’ve done that a few times myself. The photos you posted are very good. I do love the pouch. It is beautiful.

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  5. fotdmike says:

    Hi Tam.

    Heh heh. Yeah, had it worked out I’d planned to do a post here linking to the pics with a heading along the lines “A gift for Tam”… sort of your own personal guided tour. But it didn’t… so I didn’t.

    Still, the more I look at the ones I did manage to salvage the more I think they’re actually not too bad at all.

  6. tam says:

    They are not bad at all!! I love the photos!!

    And I am flattered, a gift for Tam… that is so nice. 🙂

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