Opticians? Sneaky!


There was I sat at my desk quietly minding my own business doing some computer-type stuff, when I happened to casually glance up and out of the window.

Now there’s a very good reason for doing this periodically.

Last time I went for an eye test (“You’ll need to wear spectacles for reading small print Mr L, but your eyes are fine… for a man of your age”. Hmph!) I asked the optician whether constantly peering at computer monitors (which I seem to be doing for the majority of my waking hours) did any harm to one’s eyesight.
And was advised that no, providing the monitor’s at the right height and distance, and providing I rest my eyes periodically (say every 15 minutes) by looking away and refocussing (like, say, out of the window), there shouldn’t be a problem.

Now it was that last remark (about looking out the window) that’s causing me to begin to suspect that my optician is secretly in cahoots with photographic kit emporiums.
For it follows that the more photos one takes the more addicted one becomes to the pursuit, and the more addicted one becomes to the pursuit the more one wants to upgrade one’s kit, which necessarily entails spending lavish amounts of money.

This is how it starts…

So, to repeat, I happened to casually glance up and out of the window… and caught sight of some quite amazing cloud formations.

All thought of computer-related tasks went clean out my head. Knowing how quickly the sky can change (practically by the minute) I hastily grabbed my photo gear, jumped into some reasonable footwear, and headed straight for the nearest open places.

With the end result of adding yet another bunch of pics to my growing collection to… um… remind me what the sky looks like?

_MG_4975 _G103739_pf

_G103737_pf _G103717

_G103712 _MG_4986_pf

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Occasional photographer; occasional writer/blogger; occasional activist; occasional computer-geek. Bit of a fool really.
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4 Responses to Opticians? Sneaky!

  1. forkboy1965 says:

    And they’re lovely pictures….for a man of your age.


    You know….I’m becoming very, very concerned about the number of images without rain versus those with rain (or where there is evidence that rain has recently fallen). I have always operated under the assumption that blue sky is about as common in England as is rain in Death Valley. But your collection of images seems to indicate the reverse is true.

    So either my assumption is incorrect and all those movies of a rain-sodden England are just special effects or you really are not in England.


  2. fotdmike says:

    As I’ve only just commented elsewhere… “I am everywhere!”
    (Typical Druidic-type statement of course)


  3. forkboy1965 says:

    Well if you’re here too then we should break out the whiskey and toast your omni-presence!

  4. fotdmike says:

    What a grand idea! [hic!]

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