Tripod hazards

Since first acquiring it I’ve treated myself to a couple of shortish sessions with the Slik tripod (see this post) and I’m still awed by its ease of use and rock-solid stability.
Its as much as I can do to restrain myself from spending the entire time just stroking it!
Alas, the opportunities/need to actually use it seem few and far between at the moment.

However, yesterday I wanted to shoot a couple of things using full zoom (with the 250mm lens on the Canon) in less than ideal lighting so, gleefully rubbing hands together, drag out the Slik (“drag” being rather more than just a figurative expression, given its size and weight), and start getting set up.

Extending all the legs I find the camera’s a bit too high for the angle I want, so collapse down the endmost leg-sections. Hmm. Bit too low now. Clearly an opportunity to use (for the first time) the centre column adjustment (which leaves me with my first criticism of the Slik… would have been much better had they utilised some sort of crank handle rather than knurled knob and manual adjustment).

First though, the scene… I’ve already attached the camera to the head and tilted it cos I’m after a portrait view.
The head of the tripod’s quite weighty on its own, and with the Canon and long lens attached plus the newly-acquired battery grip that’s now appended to the bottom of the camera, the entire assembly is a fair old lump.

Remembering the caution that I’d read in the completely unnecessary instruction leaflet that came with the tripod, I’m extremely careful adjusting the centre column (the caution warned of the danger of adjusting the height of the column with camera attached as one’s hand could become trapped and be injured or at the very least subject to significant pain should the column accidentally slip down before being secured at the desired height!).
So you wouldn’t believe how careful I was being… paranoid, one could almost say. Cos I really don’t like pain.

And I succesfully managed to avoid getting my hand trapped at any point in the proceedings.
Unfortunately, at some stage I inadvertently, and rather sharply, moved the pan handle… and was promptly smacked in the face by this lump on the head of the ‘pod.
How I managed to avoid drawing blood, or at the least sustaining bruising and/or concussion I know not, but I don’t think I’ll be doing that again in a hurry!

Damn dangerous, this photography lark.

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Occasional photographer; occasional writer/blogger; occasional activist; occasional computer-geek. Bit of a fool really.
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3 Responses to Tripod hazards

  1. forkboy1965 says:

    Oh stop your whining…sorry….stop your whinging (we spell it a bit different here as you can tell).


    So you got bashed around a bit by your Slik tipod (spelling intentional)…..maybe you should rename it Police Constable Slik?

    Glad you’re okay though….I hope you treated yourself to a stout bit of liquor to dull the certain throbbing of the head.

  2. fotdmike says:

    I dunno, the end result was almost the same… numbness and a certain dizziness. Might start doing it on a regular basis. It’d certainly save on the alcohol bill!

  3. forkboy1965 says:

    Good thinking! Clearly you weren’t too dazed.

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