Today’s deliberate mistake

Severe weather warnings out all over the country… hazardous conditions everywhere with winds of up to 80+mph anticipated… flooding in coastal areas likely… and more on the way later. Anticipated damage around the £1bn mark!

Getting home after a long night’s work and still infected with some nasty lurgy all I really wanted to do was jump straight into bed.
But its raining outside. And there’s my camera looking pleadingly at me. And I haven’t got any decent “rain shots” yet.


So, a coupla coffees later (heavily laced with honey) resign myself to at least having to do a couple of the obligatory “raindrops on the window” type shots.

Well, the above shot was a bit of a mistake really. Had switched to manual focus cos the auto wasn’t handling it too well, and inadvertently did the clicky business before getting the focus quite right. What a surprise!
But as it happens I quite like the result. I like the way the raindrops running down the windowpane seem to “track” the shape of the tree, and I find that weird effect around the top of the tree to be quite intriguing.
All I’ve gotta do now is persuade myself it was all done deliberately and with prior planning. Easy!

_G102577 _G102568 _G102565

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Occasional photographer; occasional writer/blogger; occasional activist; occasional computer-geek. Bit of a fool really.
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4 Responses to Today’s deliberate mistake

  1. LifeSpy says:

    Well looks like we are doing that tuned in thing again, I have been sort of waiting for the storms to arrive with the view to getting some different sort of shots, but, we have not had a storm just a little rain, a slight breeze and thats it. Waited all day for it too, with my G9 beside me ready to go!

  2. fotdmike says:

    Just hang on… weather forecast last night had it making its way northwards Tues/Weds!


  3. forkboy1965 says:

    My first reaction was “I see Mike has enrolled in the LifeSpy School of Weather-Related Photography”!

    Your first photo (the one as the header to the posting) is exceptional. For me the others are too out of focus regarding what is outside. This particular one makes it clear what is outside, but it is diffuse enough as to bring one’s attention back to the drops upon the window. Or so I think.

    Oh, and of course it was all planned and intentional. Self deprecation is so unbecoming, don’t you think 😉

  4. fotdmike says:

    Yep. You’re right! You’ve convinced me. It absolutely was planned and intentional. Just wish this damned modesty of mine (for which I’m well famous of course) wouldn’t keep getting in the way!


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